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Weekly Deal

Dear Valued customer,

Vietnam Airlines would like to send you the Weekly Deal for routes from Hanoi/ Hochiminh city to Singapore. The details are as follows:

Routes (One way and round trip) Discount Promotion code Booking date Travel period Fares applied
From Hanoi/ Hochiminh city to Singapore 20% PR20NOV717 13Dec2017-
All (except Super Deal fares)


  • Promotion Code usage: 1,000 times
  • All letters of promotion code must be CAPITALIZED.
  • Applied to flights operated by Vietnam Airlines only.
  • Discount is applied to the airfare only, not to any taxes and fees.
  • Offer will not continue to apply if the promotion code is used up.
  • Full fare will be applied for refund, reroute, rebook.

Weekly Deal for next week will be from 20th December 2017 to 22nd December 2017 and applied to routes from Hanoi/Hochiminh city to Yangon. Let’s plan your trip and get the deal from Vietnam Airlines!

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